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  About The School  

How We Got Our Name

Originally named Marengo County Training School in 1922, our school name was changed to Amelia Love Johnson High School to honor a fomer beloved teacher. The Johnson Family donated the land on which the school stands in 1922.

From 1925 through 1926, the school consisted of a three room building with Mr. A.J. Harding as Principal, and Miss Theresa Brookins and Mrs. Amelia L. Johnson as teachers.

In 1926, a building with four classrooms, a principal's office, an auditorium and a library was constructed .The building was equipped with blackboards, desks, and jacketed heaters. There was a feeling that in order to impart  homemaking education, the students would need to have experinces with the use of home making equipment. To meet this need a coal and wood range and two sewing machines were added.