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ALJ Welcomes Macon Early College Students
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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

ALJ's cheerleaders welcomed the arrival of the students and chaperones from Macon Early College located in Franklin, North Carolina.  The students were then met by the SGA and lead into the gym.  After a brief summary about how A. L. Johnson was named, the panel discussion turned to stories being told by the panel of their lives during the 1960's.  Panelists also discussed who their role models were and other questions about race relations and culture.  After the discussions, the students were partnered up and took a tour of the school.  They ate lunch with their partners.  Although the students were nervous at first, by lunchtime, they had begun talking to each other more.  Mr. Brown, Social Studies teacher, from MEC was enthusiastic about the visit.  Before leaving, each visitor was presented with a gift bag.  This was an awesome experience for both schools. 

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